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Stone Mountain Access is dedicated to developing better suspended and fixed access solutions for our customers.  We pursue new and innovative products and methods.  Stone Mountain Access provides our customers with the best products, service, training, and support in the industry.  We always maintain a safe and creative work environment which respects diversity, innovation, and hard work.

Stone Mountain Access has the knowledge to provide the best, safest, and most innovative solutions to your access challenges.

Our sales team has the hands-on experience that enables them to work through the most complex access challenges and to recognize a straight forward solution when it's appropriate.  With the knowledge that comes from our experience, Stone Mountain Access can provide you with the safest solutions to all of your access needs.

Our mechanics and rigging crews are trained to be the safest in the industry.  Our service team is trained to comply with or exceed all industry and OSHA standards.  The mechanics at Stone Mountain Access are certified by Sky Climber, Tractel, and Power Climber.  When a hoist is maintained to the standards of Stone Mountain Access, it looks and performs like new.

Customer Service is critical and everyone at Stone Mountain Access believes that our customers deserve the best we can give them every time, no exceptions.